Friday, December 17, 2010

Imagine a Polar bear in Times Square NY....

Help Save Polar Bears!

Put Polar Bears in
Times Square
Our 2010 Polar Bear ad in Times Square (artist's composite)

Your donation will help put the plight of polar bears front and center …. Just in time for Christmas and New Year’s evening in Times Square.

Donate to Save Polar bears

Donate now to help pay for our video billboard and support critical polar bear-saving work.
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magine a polar bear in Times Square, its heart-wrenching struggle for survival on display for millions to see. It's a powerful image that could help mobilize people to action to save these beloved bears. And you can make it a reality.

Donate today to help run our powerful new video billboard ad near Times Square and put the plight of our polar bears – and what can be done to save them – front-and-center.

To highlight the desperate plight of these mighty Arctic hunters and spur action to save polar bears, Defenders of Wildlife has secured time on the CBS jumbotron near Times Square through Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

In a very public and prominent way, we’re calling on President Obama to secure vital habitat for these beloved bears and raising awareness about one of the most recognizable victims of climate change.

But we can’t make a difference for polar bears without you. We need to raise $65,000 by midnight tomorrow to make this ad a reality and support other polar bear-saving work.

Your tax-deductible donation will help run this powerful ad through Christmas and New Year’s and support essential work to save polar bears and other threatened and endangered animals from extinction in the wild.

This week alone, Defenders of Wildlife has mobilized nearly 45,000 caring people to contact the White House on behalf of our polar bears.

We’re not stopping there. The need for action is urgent. Scientists say that America’s polar bears could disappear from the wild by 2050… unless we act now.

That’s why we’ve joined environmental partners from across the country and around the world to call for new protections for polar bears and the habitat they need to survive. We’ve issued new recommendations that may well be key to saving America’s struggling bears from extinction in the wild.

And we’re gearing up for a tough new fight in the new Congress (which begins in just a few weeks) to prevent harmful drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Alaska’s Chukchi and Beaufort Seas – vital habitat for America’s remaining polar bears.

Defenders of Wildlife is doing everything we can to help save these majestic animals. Will you?

Please donate today and help us save America’s polar bears from extinction in the wild.

For the Wild Ones! 

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