Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good news....I am being whored out for Corona light beer! ☺

Recently me,myself was featured not once so far but TWICE on a HUGE BILLBOARD right over the ROXY in TIMES SQUARE NEW YORK........sending me third image in for them now, they asked! Here are the first two, my favorites and obviously the guys at Corona Light's offices as well, lol! Either which way it's totally awesome and I just wanted to share! 

& just too show how awesome the placement of the billboard I am on is, *Giggles* Here is an example.......
On Twitter @Snooki tweets, OMG my picture is in times square NY, (Lmfao), and here is her pic..........

So ya see...hers is so lame, lol! MINE fucking rocks and FYI just read confirmation my third photo will be shown in the next day or so, I will receive a LIVE cam view picture for proof that my image is up! ♥ Drink Corona light people, & REMEMBER Drink Responsibly! 

*Lmfao- & what makes it ALL out to be more HILARIOUS is that I recently found out that I am ALLERGIC to alcohol! I use to drink but, no matter how much or how little I drank I was always deathly ill & not in a normal hangover way like deathly ill ALL day and night the next couple hours after the buzz! I would literally be in a shivering, quivering not stop dry heaving convulsions and all just a fuckin mess, and spoke to a Dr and had one of those allergy test done & sure enough I was right ALLERGIC! So I don't even SMELL the shit , go near it, serve it nothing, nada, no thanks, lol! All that is sooo not worth it! BUT WHATEVER I can still promote it, LOL! 

& Here is the info on the placement of the board, and picture! ....

Here is our digital billboard being built on the corner of 47th and Broadway in Manhattan.  You can see the area by typing the cross streets into Google maps street view.

 UPDATE: Nov. 17th I was featured again...

This time at night, *WOOT*WOOT*

This one is hot!..........

AND MORE......still waiting On my son's too show,theyve been bugging me to put them up BUT I was like hunny's youre young it's about beer! LOL, so what I did was post Me and THEM and wrote Product of :Corona Lights LOL, See even MOM's love Corona Lights, that pic didnt air yet, lol! *Crossing fingers* it does!! Here are some more that did...

and the one on the left bottom is my Best Friend's Cj & Chris I uploaded their image in place of mine for a day, heheheheehe! Hope they like it, LOVE YOU GUYS!


  1. i want to add another pic of mine! are they still doing it?

  2. They emailed me asking me to upload more...you didnt get emails? And I was asked for my email, remember they told you too choose your pics wisely you may get noticed, x)~ Hoping I AM, I keep sending more and more to em! LOL! They seem to love em cuz everyone of ME theyve used! ♥ Notice it's right above the Roxy, that's just so FUCKING HOT!


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