Sunday, August 29, 2010

The popping of my blogs cherry!

*Giggles* Okay so I set this up so that I can follow blogs that I like to follow and comment under my REAL name as well as because I do not want my web page business to mix with my personal fun online. So, yup that is why I made this and will probably barely even post on it, but then again I just might, depends on my mood. This one is really just for testing it out to see how it works the styles and what not, so thats that! My blog's cherry has been official popped.


  1. Yay, first post on here! WootWoot! I wonder if I can do my own custom layouts?!? It's late now, but I will soooooo play around with this more tomorrow! I cant lie, I'm loving ebloggers options and features, so anywho peace out bitches! LOL☻

  2. lool i dunno how to do all that stuff my blog layout is kind of wack....i dont think if ben is posting soon he emailed me about two weeks ago asking me if i thought some subject he was working on would be intresting but i think he's just doing other stuff lately tbh well thats how it sound in the email i dont know him in real life...u r lori's friend innit, shes kool, i read her blogs too, will read if u post!!! i get bored sometimes at night then i come on here n just waffle in my blogs....

  3. O hello there, heheee, yeah I am good with HTML coding and all! :)) I can help you out sometime, let me gather some links that might help explain EASILY what you write & I will post! :) Do you have a twitter btw, & BEN POSTED!! OMGAWSSHH, I am so going to read now. :)) *Does the happy dance* lol! ;p

  4. Hello Thursday's Child I am not sure if you will get this UPDatE I hope you do, please follow my blog! I am following yours and this is all set up now and will get more and more personal as I go,would love to have you apart of it! ♥ Blessed be hun, and HOPE YOU COME BACK TO VISIT MORE!!!


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